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Meredith Sales Guarantee

Since its inception, we have experienced an extremely positive response to the Meredith Sales Guarantee. Take a look at what just a few of our clients and peers had to say:

Kimberley Clarke

“We were excited to be among those first to market with this program, and have always been strong believers in the connection that magazine brands have with their readers.”

“These initial results have been above our expectations, and the Meredith Sales Guarantee has helped us demonstrate a sales return tied closely to the media investment made for our brands who participated.”

“Meredith has created a highly innovative program that leverages its deep assets and insights to benefit its marketing partners. They deserve enormous credit for reaching out and working with partners to help them understand not only the value of this program but how to maximize their investment in magazine media. We believe it is essential that other magazine media as well as all media partners continue to find creative and effective solutions to proving ROI for their clients.”
—Mark Kaline, Global Director-Media, Licensing & Consumer Services, Kimberly-Clark


“Gaining insight into shoppers and what helps stimulate a purchase is extremely valuable, and the Sales Guarantee program proved itself to be an extremely worthwhile investment for Tyson Foods.”
—Bob Galietti, SVP, Group Account Director at Havas Media


“We generated a sales lift across all regions nationwide, particularly in areas where consumers were the least familiar with the Ken’s brand...our ads in Meredith magazines helped to introduce consumers to the Ken’s brand heritage; differentiate our products on a crowded shelf; and grow our sales above the category trend.”
—Tim Cahalane, Senior Brand Manager, Ken’s.

“Meredith cares deeply about what advertisers think and they go to great lengths to use research-based insights to ensure its advertising programs, like the Sales Guarantee, to meet the high standards that marketers and their agencies expect...In fact, of the more than 100 media brands and companies we work with, Meredith has consistently demonstrated not only a thirst for advertiser knowledge but the ability to take and implement actions that cascade from the top of the company.”
—Ken Pearl, CEO, Advertiser Perceptions